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Three Reasons to Finance a Small Business

Your business is likely to be in a better position if you are functioning with positive net working capital.

Sources of Short-Term Business Working Capital Funding

The operating cycle is a significant concept in the management of working capital and cash. Most companies cannot fund their operating cycles with accounts payable (AP) financing alone.

Pros and Cons of Personal Lines of Credit

Personal lines of credit are loans that are open-ended, allowing borrowers to withdraw money according to their need for a fixed period of time.

The One Financial Decision Every Entrepreneur Has to Make

The future of your business will depend on the decisions you make, especially financial ones.

Monitoring Business Working Capital Funds

Working capital monitoring is vital for your business, but you do not have to monitor working capital in the same way as another company does.

Line of Credit and Credit Score Improvement

High credit scores are necessary when it comes to getting a loan, buying a new car, or purchasing a home. It might be difficult to know what improves your credit score.

Is Accounts Receivable Factoring Right for your US-Based Business?

The process of accounts receivable factoring involves a business selling its invoices to a third-party, known as a “factor”. It is a great way of financing your business.

Invoice-Backed LOC Loans

The invoice backed LOC loans, also known as asset-based LOC, are a line of credit loans that use the accounts receivable you have as collateral against the money that you are lent.

Invoice Financing: a Way to Infuse Money into your Company

For several business owners, generating enough funds to keep their business working can be a challenge.

In What Ways Are Working Capital and Cash Flow Related to Resiliency?

The term “scalability” often refers to business growth, but in reality, it can also be applied to the contraction of your current business.