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SBA funding is a useful option for many emerging businesses. Since this type of financing is designed specifically for small businesses, our goal is to help your company free up capital and expand operations.

With low annual percentage rates, the SBA program is one of the smartest ways to fund your company.


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SBA Loans

SBA Loans – Safe, Reliable, Secure

The majority of small businesses often run into the issue of needing one last asset or piece of equipment to finalize a production line, improve your services, expand your offerings, or meet client demands. These needs may be equipment based, real-estate based, or in many cases your organization may just need a purely financial boost. That’s where Fundygo can help your business meet its long-term goals for growth, viability, and sustainability through SBA Loans. SBA financing programs often vary depending on the borrower’s need, and we offer flexible financing terms for all of our clients. The US Small Business Administration guaranteed loans made by our private lenders up to 80%, which greatly reduces your risk as a borrower. We offer a number of different loan programs through the SBA 504 that can be applied to a wide number of use cases. Your SBA loan can be used towards real estate property, buildings, and machinery, all below market rates. The biggest benefit of this type of loan is that it allows you to free up capital and expand your operations quickly and efficiently.

SBA loans are generally used for business start-ups as well as established businesses looking to expand through equipment acquisition, working capital, inventory purchases, and real-estate or property investments. SBA Loans sound like a great option, but you may be wondering, do I quality for an SBA loan for my small or established business? It does vary depending on lender and industry, but generally you’ll need to put forward an agreeable business model, plan for growth, and a basis of your financial portfolio as a whole. Other variables indicated in your eligibility and interest rate include credit score, your financial portfolio, the value of the equipment you’re putting your SBA loan towards, and the estimated longevity and depreciation of the equipment or real estate you’re purchasing. Even if your credit history is not perfect, lenders are often willing to take a chance on new borrowers based on a number of other factors. Your chances are even further improved if you put forward a high value collateral as assurance on your loan. Collateral used can include real estate, land or buildings, machinery and equipment, marketable and re-sellable goods, a guarantor on the loan who can pay it off in an emergency, among a number of other liquid assets such as stocks, bonds, and life insurance policies.

Other types of programs that the SBA offers that we approve are microloan programs, in which the borrower can take out a loan as small as a few hundred dollars, and local development programs intended to create local jobs and business, as well as energy conservation loans, export working capital program, as well as state business and industrial development corporations which specialize in riskier business ventures.


Is an SBA Loan Right for Me?

Fundygo offers a number of flexible and accredited loan types, and deciding on whether a credit based funding solution is right for you depends on a number of variables. SBA loans have the added benefit of being backed by the federal government, but if you’re looking to leverage your existing assets as collateral then a residential real estate secured loan or a credit based financing solution may be right for you. Conversely, if your loan needs are singular in nature and you don’t have the collateral to put forward for an increase in equipment or inventory, an equipment secured loan may be your best option. If your business is truly fledgling and you don’t want to risk going underwater on a loan your business can’t sustain, then revenue based funding is an even better option as the monthly payments vary based businesses’ monthly revenue and income. Additionally, each loan has different approval requirements based on the loan type and the lender’s terms and conditions. With Fundygo, however, these terms are more flexible than ever before giving you a wider variety of loan types and lenders to pick from.

Do SBA Loans Count as Liquid Capital?

In addition to SBA Loans counting towards liquid capital for your company, it also acts as a great addition to your company’s financial portfolio. Proving a sustainable business model and repaying an SBA loan in full proves viability and sustainability of your business model and greatly increases chances for approval of larger loans down the line. Likewise, the equipment, inventory, and any company investment you put forth using your SBA loan adds to that liquid capital and will help you accrue the traction and growth that your business needs to thrive and sustain. Thankfully, SBA loans are extremely agreeable and affordable ranging from 8%-30% based on the loan type, length of lending, and expected use and longevity of the equipment, supplies, or other types of assets you’re putting your loan towards.

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