Equipment Secured Lending

Need equipment secured lending for your business?

We can help you secure funding where the equipment you need is used as collateral. With this option the equipment is appraised for its liquidation value.

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Equipment Secured Lending

So, If you are looking for funds in order to purchase equipment, then the equipment that you buy can be used as  assurance against the money that paid for it.

Equipment secured lending is often quick to arrange and do not require extensive paperwork or a perfect credit report. Each decision is individually assessed and turnaround is very fast. We will update you with our decision within 24 – 48 hours, and funds will be in place within ten days.


Commercial Real Estate Secured Lending
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Equipment You Need, No Strings Attached

Equipment Secured loans are an ideal funding solution for large and small businesses looking to accrue new equipment and expand quickly but don’t have the immediate means for a new acquisition. Our offerings for equipment secured loans span over an immense number of industries with lenders covering every market imaginable. Once you’re quoted on the equipment you need for operational productivity and business expansion, we appraise the equipment being financed at its liquidation value. Many factors apply to liquidation value, including whether the item is new or used, and how many years reasonably one can expect the equipment to last in a constant use setting. We highly recommend an equipment secured based financing system as this loan type benefits from high approval rating due to the fact that the equipment acts as collateral for the lender. In the event the business is unable to pay off the equipment, the lender retains the right to seize the item and resell it for its liquidation value thus hedging their losses.

Here at Fundygo we know that one piece of equipment could mean the different between success and stagnation for a large or small fledgling business, so reach out to us today and allow us to help you expand your financial growth and long-term goals for success. Our application process is fast and simple with equipment secured loans being process within 24-48 hours of initial application. Once your lender has been decided, applications often require businesses records, a financial portfolio, as well as credit score, tax returns, and bank statements, all of which will act to provide evidence of financial stability for your business. Having a reliable revenue stream is an important but not exclusionary factor in receiving a business secured loan due to the fact that the equipment itself acts as collateral in the event that your business no longer remains sustainable or payments have been failed to be made over a long period of time. Other documents you may be required to provide include a driver’s license, business tax returns, business checks (voided), credit score, bank statement, and of course a full quote on the equipment you’re borrowing against and which will be acting as the collateral for your loan.

Take The Leap Towards Success

It’s extremely common for small businesses to often require one last piece of machinery or equipment to make the business model successful and sustainable, and for business growth to occur in a rapid fashion. It is, however, not common knowledge that equipment loans, specifically equipment secured loans, are one of the safest and least risky forms of capital generation. This is because of the safety net the lender receives as part of the loan as well as flexible repayment terms that we offer as an intermediary party with the lender. Overall, equipment secured loans are an excellent source of liquid capital in addition to being tax deductible.


What is Liquid Capital?

Liquid capital, simply put, is a readily convertible asset such as money or a physical instrument that can be converted to means assisting in productivity and business growth. Liquid capital can be owned by multiple parties, in this case the equipment is loaned by the broker until the period of repayment is over, but the value is retained by both parties until payment is complete or the physical property must be liquidated on the part of the lender. Investors often measure liquid capital by looking at how liquid the asset a company owns are, or by calculating the net value of all of the assets a company has its position by means of hard acquisition or on a lending basis.


Rates & Terms

Interest and repayment rates for equipment secured loans are thankfully very flexible with Fundygo, but as a ballpark estimate 8%-30% is within the range of a common fixed rate loan. Generally, however, the rate is affected by multiple factors including the loan type, the length of the term of lending, the expected longevity of the equipment you’re borrowing, and factors such as credit score and current income models. Many loans will be set a t a maximum of 10 years for repayment but loan extensions are rare but possible depending on the lender’s terms and preferences. It’s important that the equipment stay maintained and viable for the period of the loan as an inoperable piece of machinery or vehicle cannot be liquidated at its original appraisal. Additionally, the purpose of the loan itself is to provide you with an operable piece of equipment that acts as an asset and a means of production in your company, and if the equipment is no longer functioning, both parties lose out on the capital and long-term investment of the loan.


Lease or Finance?

If you’re considering leasing your equipment instead of taking out a fixed rate equipment secure loan, you must weigh the options and benefits of both tactics. Firstly, almost no equipment leasing contracts are lease to buy. The capital you put into your lease is a direct loss for your business that cannot be recouped by the later purchasing and liquidation of a physical asset. Once your equipment secured loan is paid off, however, the item is yours for life, and can be resold to recoup your interest or continue its use in your production line as a valuable asset to your company.

Why is Commercial Real Estate Secured Financing Beneficial

Up to $500,000

Flexible Repayment Terms

Excellent Source of Liquid Capital

Tax Deductible

Operational Productivity