Credit Based Financing

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At Fundygo, we will arrange for you to borrow money until you've reached your credit limit.

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Credit Based Financing

We offer flexible term financing ranging from $5,000 - $500,000 that can cover your business needs.

Credit based funding solutions are a distinguished addition to your capital plan and will help your business meet expansion and growth opportunities, as well as your on-going operations and cash-flow management needs. This option is an ideal structure for newer businesses with limited assets to leverage.


Credit Based Financing with Fundygo

Credit Based Financing

Getting Started

If you’re searching for more generalized business funding solutions, credit based financing may be your ideal solution. We can help you borrow the capital you need to give your business that one last push into a sustainable and successful business model in 24-48 hours. If you’re experiencing client payment delays, gaps in revenue, and the inability to invest in new equipment and supplies that your business desperately needs, credit based financing could offer the solution to all of these problems. At Fundygo we can review your case and credit score and help you borrow money up to your credit limit or our own cap. Bear in mind, your credit score does not need to be perfect or clean; while credit based financing loans are more difficult to be approved for compared to equipment secured, SBA, or even residential real estate secured funding, Fundygo offers a high acceptance ratio and flexible approvals.

Depending on your credit score, be it FICO, Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, or VantageScore, we can help you borrow money for your equipment funding needs in a range of $5,000 – $500,000 or up to your own credit limit. Fundygo provides convenient access to your credit based funds and easy monitoring so you can leverage your assets exactly suit your business needs. Application to our program is fast and easy, and lenders often provide a 24-48 hour turn-around time on the majority of credit loans. The application process is streamlined and easy, but varies slightly depending on the lender you’ve chosen. Oftentimes, these applications require multiple evidence-based business documents including business records and financial portfolio, as well as credit score, tax returns, and bank statements, all of which should be enough to prove the financial stability of your business and a lender’s reliability on your intention to pay back your credit based loan. Other personal documents that may be required include a driver’s license, business tax returns, business checks (voided), credit score, bank statement, and a rough quote on the equipment you’ll be putting your credit loan towards.


Take the First Step Towards Success

If you’re looking to take that one last leap into long-term financial success for your business, credit based financing is a safe and reliable method of taking that one last step to success. A credit based financing system not only takes care of your ongoing operations and cash-flow management needs, but its fast and easy to attain and provides convenient access to funds whenever you need them. Expenditures you can put your credit towards includes furniture, hardware, software, vehicles, commercial appliances, commercial machinery, construction equipment, HVAC units, power, heating, sales transaction devices, and infrastructure. This method is ideal for fledgling businesses with limited assets to leverage, and can help you get started building the liquid capital your business and financial portfolio need. You may be asking, what is liquid capital, and why do I need it for my small business or fledgling corporation? Simply put, it is a readily usable asset that can be converted to means assisting in productivity and growth. It can take the form of physical instruments holding physical value, or it can be as simply as a dollar amount in a credit or business account. Liquid capital can be owned by multiple parties; in the case of a credit based solution, both parties own the capital until the broker is repaid in full. Unlike an equipment secured loan, the equipment itself does not act as collateral, because ideally the broker trusts your business model enough to know that they will make back the capital they’ve entrusted in your business.

Our credit based funding solutions always have clear and transparent terms along with flexible policies based on the exact contract you want for your business. We offer convenient access to your funds and fast and easy withdrawals. By taking out a credit based loan and generating liquid asset for your business, you can increase your company value and viability by widening your assets and financial portfolio. Interest and repayment rates on credit based funding solutions are thankfully flexible and low thanks to Fundgyo, with an average interest rate ranging from 8%-30% being the most common. The rate can be greatly affected, however, by numerous factors including the type of loan (in this case credit based), the length of the loan (normally a maximum of 10 years, but may be extended if your lender is generous and repayment terms are agreeable), the expected longevity of the equipment you’re using your financing to purchase, and a factors such as business model evidence and your current credit score. It’s important to secure your investments, equipment, and materials, as an inoperable mechanism on the part of the borrower, is unusable for liquidation on the part of the lender. Loss of an asset would be financial loss for both parties; besides, the purpose of the loan is to boost your business and get you off the ground and running, so if your best interests are our best interests as well. With Fundygo, both the borrower and the lender grow together.

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