Commercial Real Estate Secured Funding

Need Commercial Real Estate Secured Funding for your business?

At Fundygo, we will secure funding for a longer term at a lower rate using your commercial property as collateral. This option will give your business the purchasing power it needs, with flexible repayment schedules.

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Commercial Real Estate Secured Lending

Our network of partners consists of a large number of lenders to increase the likelihood of securing commercial real estate secured financing that fits your needs.


Commercial Real Estate Secured Funding
with Fundygo

Leverage Your Assets

Every business at some point runs into the issue of needing one last piece of equipment or bulk inventory in order to expand operations, grow, or meet increasing client needs and expectations. Whether your business needs a new truck, production line, or server rack, commercial real estate secured loans are a great funding solution for businesses that require commercial property to operate and are looking to expand its operations. Ideal for already established businesses that own or partly own commercial real estate, this loan type offers the added benefit of providing excellent terms due to the intrinsic value of commercial and residential real estate collateral. Lenders using this type of loan are far more likely to offer secure funding for a longer term and at a lower interest rate due to the guaranteed nature of the value of your property. Terms and conditions vary from lender to lender, but in general the terms of a commercial real estate loan are much more lenient and flexible, allowing you to have greater control over your repayment rates and schedules.

Do I Quality for Asset Based Lending?

There are quite a few variables that affect whether you’re eligible for a commercial real estate loan; lender’s will look at your previous business data, earnings, financial portfolio, credit store, business documentation, as well as the industry your business falls under. Generally speaking, if you’re using your already owned real estate as a means of generation capital, you have a much higher likelihood of securing a loan at a lower rate than most equipment business loan types and with much more flexible repayment rates & terms. If you have a solidified business foundation and provable revenue and just need to free up your capital to expand further and grow quickly, you are certainly in the right scenario and meet all the requirements for eligibility needed for a commercial real estate secured loan.

Rates & Terms

Rates vary greatly depending on a number of different factors including business records, your financial portfolio, your credit score, current business model, as well as the industry your business falls under and the type of equipment you’re putting your capital towards. Leasing the equipment may seem like a viable option at the end of the day for an established business owner, but a commercial real estate secured loan has the added benefit of freeing up capital and acting as a great feather in your cap for a financial portfolio. Additionally, when you use your existing real estate as collateral the equipment you put your loan towards cannot be confiscated and liquidated. You own it outright. Thankfully, the rates and terms are very flexible with real estate secured lending, and usually vary between 8%-30%. Interest rates tend to be on the low side, especially if you’re using a valuable property as your collateral. General, repayment plans cap at a maximum of 10 years but extensions can be requested at the generosity of the lender. If you have a good working relationship with your lender there is a chance you can be granted extensions, even past the 10 year mark.

Is a Commercial Real Estate Loan Right for Me?

Fundygo offers a wide variety of flexible and accredited loans, and deciding whether a commercial real estate loan is right for you depends on a wide variety of variable relating to your business. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the best option for your equipment loan needs. Remember, your loan decision may span over the court of 10 years and have significant bearing on your businesses model and sustainability, so it’s important to consider every factor that goes into you loan. If you’re a smaller business looking for equally agreeable terms, then SBA Loans or Equipment Secured Loans may be a great option for smaller scale capital. SBA loans are federally approved loans which are backed by the government and have fixed rates and very agreeable repayment terms. Under the category of SBA Loans are international and local development loans, which could be perfect for industries and developers seeking larger sums at fixed rates. Likewise, Equipment Secured loans are ideal for the fledgling business that hasn’t accrued very much capital yet and is looking to branch and grow quickly but on a relatively small scale.

Make the Push

Reach out to Fundygo today and allow one of our financial representatives to guide you through every option and assist in finding the right loan for your business. From the small fledgling business just getting its feet on to the ground to the large multi-level corporation looking for new areas of expansion, we can assist in every aspect of your capital acquisition needs. We can also process all of your documentation to prepare your account for a prospective lender even if you haven’t decided on a loan type yet. Don’t wait, reach out to our experts and accrue the equipment or inventory your business desperately needs today.

Why is Commercial Real Estate Secured Funding Beneficial

Up to $500,000

Flexible Repayment Terms

Excellent Source of Liquid Capital

Tax Deductible

Operational Productivity