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Post-Application in SBA Loans

After you have submitted the application for an SBA loan, it can take up to weeks or even months for it to get approved.

Poor Credit and a Home Equity Loan

Home equity loans are an excellent option for availing funds if you can offer your home as collateral.

Negative Net Working Capital

A negative net working capital shows investors and creditors that the operations of your business are not producing funds sufficiently to support its current debts.

Why Is Working Capital Management Important?

Every company makes use of its working capital in daily business operations. Networking capital is nothing but the difference between current assets and liabilities.

Why Is Keeping a Cash Flow and Working Capital Summary Vital to Scalability?

Every business owner wants to grow their company, but this is not always easy to achieve. You have to figure out how many products your customers will require, how many employees you will need to make sure customers are happy, and what processes in your business are changeable in order to adapt to your new demand.

Why Invoice Funding Is a Better Option than a Traditional Loan

There are a couple of ways to infuse funds into your business so that you can keep it running or even grow it without assuming the risk of a traditional bank loan.

Which Are the Elements of Working Capital Cycle?

The working capital cycle is the length of time your company takes to turn your net current liabilities and net current assets into cash and is calculated in days.

What Is a Bank Subordination Agreement?

A typical situation in today’s business arena is having a rather low line of credit from your bank. Let’s assume you have a line of credit of $50,000 with your bank, and that you have an excellent and longstanding relationship with them, but the money is insufficient compared to what you need.

What you Need to Know about Government Grants for Startups?

Many women think about starting a business out of self-drive. If you too have plans along these lines, then you must have thought about how to get capital for business.

What Is Permanent Working Capital?

It is possible to classify working capital into two types: “permanent” and “temporary”. These are also known as fixed working capital and temporary working capital on the basis of the operating cycle view.