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Consequences of Cosigning a Loan

Cosigning a loan is a way of helping someone you know. It involves taking full responsibility for paying back a loan someone else took, in case they are unable to pay it back.

Credit Cards vs. Personal Loans

Credit cards are a great option if you are in need of emergency funds. They offer a convenient option because chances are, they are already in your possession, and you will not have to go through a difficult application process before availing the fund.

Cosigning Loans and Its Hidden Downsides

Cosigning a loan may not involve you accessing funds, but you do offer help to another person.

Cons of Using a Personal Credit Line for your Business

Even for a well-established business, cash flow can ebb and flow. Whether or not you have money in the kitty, you have to pay your bills when they are due.

Cons of USDA-Guaranteed Business Loans

USDA loans have many benefits. Unlike with SBA guaranteed loans, a business does not have to be a small one and meet other specific criteria of the same sort in order to qualify for the former’s USDA counterparts.

How to Qualify for Heavy Equipment Loans

The very first step towards ensuring heavy equipment financing is to fulfill the criteria for eligibility. Luckily for businesses, the requirements for heavy equipment financing are not very demanding and a fantastic option for most businesses.

How to Apply for Heavy Equipment Financing

Heavy equipment financing is also called construction equipment financing. It allows you to get a lease or loan to buy construction equipment for your business, in order to ensure that you will not have to buy equipment up front.

How Equipment Financing Benefits Buyers While Increasing your Sales

Offering equipment financing provides your customers with more flexibility to make a purchase and also increases your sales. Through their partnership with many funding sources, several financial services companies are able to get quick and easy equipment financing for business owners in the United States.

How Revolving Credits Are Different from Lines of Credit

In simple terms, both lines of credit and revolving credits are financing arrangements made between a lending institution on one side and an individual or business on the other. However, there are some key differences between the two.

How Hard Is It to Get an SBA Loan?

SBA loan products are provided to make low-interest business funds easily available to small business owners. Do not be surprised, however, to find that you still have to meet a decent amount of specifications to qualify for one.