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Open-End and Closed-End Lines of Credit

Open-end credit is also known as revolving credit. Credit cards are often used to avail this form of financing.

Negative versus Positive Working Capital

Almost everyone knows that a positive working capital figure is preferable to one that is in the negative.

Making your Business’s Working Capital Stronger with a Loan

When you need some extra funds to meet your short-term obligations and keep your business working smoothly, one good solution you can go with is a working capital loan.

Line of Credit versus Business Loan

A line of credit and a small business loan can be handy options to have when managing a company, depending on its financial situation and your individual requirements.

Job or Security Clearance Troubles Due to Bad Credit

Credit scores are a very important aspect of your life, considering that yours affects your personal finances in many different ways.

Interpretation of Business Net Working Capital

A company’s working capital (WC) can be negative or positive. A negative figure is usually a sign of financial distress and perhaps that of imminent insolvency.

Interest Rates and Terms for Revolving Lines of Credit

Revolving lines of credit are convenient for those looking for a reliable source of funding.

How to Get a Line of Credit?

Personal LOCs usually come with lower interest rates than credit cards. This for many people makes them a better choice for borrowing.

How Large Must Be the Line of Credit you Apply for?

With an increase in the line of credit, a borrower poses a greater risk to their lender. That means it is best to make sure you keep the requested amount to a realistic level, according to the needs that may arise.

How Do you Pay Back a Home Equity Line of Credit?

A home equity line of credit operates like a bank credit card in that you get to draw from it up to a limit. Usually, you only need to pay for interest in the drawing period.