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September 1, 2019 / By Jared Cohen

Why you Should Monitor your Business’ Credit Reports

Business credit reports work just like the credit score of an individual. This means that they are also subject to change constantly depending upon the financial situation and resources of the company. Usually, this is based on a number of factors, such as outstanding balances, reported transactions, payment activities, etc. As a good credit report helps to build your business’ credibility and shows your potential to meet financial obligations towards lenders, suppliers, vendors, and other businesses, it is very important to monitor the credit report of your business from time to time.

In general, your business credit report can affect the amount of funding you are looking to avail, the terms of repayment, as well as the interest rates on the loan amount. Note that a good business credit report is like an invaluable asset for the company, which means that you should take proper measures to protect and manage it. To start, you should review the information and data that is being reported about your business and its financial state. You can order a copy of your business’ credit reports from a credit agency for that. This way, you can also update the relevant information about the company in case it is being reported inaccurately.

By monitoring your business credit report in periodic intervals, you can ensure that the data is up to date and accurate. In addition, you can also identify any errors or changes in the report that could affect your business’ credibility, and fix the issues in time. Assessing your credit reports also allows you to keep an eye on who is inquiring about your business, and generate potential leads from it as applicable. Besides, that would also help you to prevent identity theft and report any kind of data breach to the law enforcement authorities.

Remember that when you initiate a dispute on inaccurate information being reported about your business’ financial standing, the credit reporting agency would investigate the same and update the data. In the meanwhile, you can learn how your credit reports are doing and take proactive measures to improve the scores. Controlling the spending limits and managing the business credit card expenses by employees are a few ways to protect and manage a good credit report. This would not only be of great help when you apply for business funding in the future but also avoid potential losses to the company.

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