What you Need to Know When Applying for a Line of Credit?

What you Need to Know When Applying for a Line of Credit?

Good Financial Habits Can Help You Qualify

Being eligible for a line of credit (LOC) can be as easy as having a savings or checking account at the financial institution where you apply. Making regular deposits, like having your paycheck deposited into your bank account, will help demonstrate that your money management habits are consistent. It is also important to have a solid personal credit history.

Not Having Credit History Is Not a Deal Breaker

People without credit history can demonstrate their creditworthiness. Lending companies look favorably on those having a record of managing their expenses, like rent and utilities, in a consistently good way.

A bank is unlikely to look at only your credit score but may consider other factors too. These could include your debt-to-income ratio or whether you are making regular bill payments in a timely fashion.

Knowing Your Personal Credit Score

A higher score makes a lender feel more confident that you will pay on time, and it might just help you be eligible for a lower rate of interest. It is good to know yours before applying for credit. The same credit score declined at one bank could prove good enough at a different one.

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