Transigo is a company that operates in the financial services industry. It has its headquarters in Netanya, in the country of Israel, and is a privately owned company. Transigo is categorized as a fintech company. It provides services including a payment platform for use by exporters and importers and also offers credit to customers. This company provides the option of flexible payment terms for borrowing importers and revises payment requirements to meet the needs of its customers. Once the shipping terms are fully identified by the system, exporters are given the guarantee of flexible payment. Overall, this gives importers access to working capital financing, which is accomplished by automating credit insurance, and then by factoring. This guarantees payment to each eligible exporter through a digital escrow.

Transigo has between 2 and 10 employees and was founded back in the year of 2018. The range of services it provides includes lending, credit insurance, factoring, SME loans, and working capital financing. This company is also known for having brought an innovative approach to finance through working capital while conducting international trade deals which are paid for in advance. It has a rank of 274 out of 350 under the category of Non-bank Finance on the Trustpilot website.

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