Transform Credit

Transform Credit is a guarantor loan provider company offering traditional loans to people towards use in improving their businesses. They claim to provide flexible, calm, and fast services to customers, and offer a maximum of $7,000 to businesses with a guarantor, inside a time frame of 24 hours. The company does not depend on computers to make the decision of whether to lend you money. Instead, it just requires one of your friends or someone from your family to offer a guarantee that they would repay the money if you failed to do so.

Transform Credit is a company that does not charge fees for applying for a loan. It also charges nothing if you pay off your loan early. The only condition it presents is that the interest is settled within the stipulated period. With guarantor loans the company charges about a fourth of the amount charged by regular payday loans, within the range of $3,100 – $7,000. Transform Credit has a ranking of 205 out of 348 under the category of non-bank finance, and also a TrustScore rating of 8.3 out of 10. The company is offering services to residents of Illinois and Georgia only.

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