TitleMax, Inc. is a title lending company. This privately owned business has corporate offices in Dallas and Savannah and helps people get the money they require from a title pawn or loan. It serves consumers who usually have limited access to credit from banks, credit card lenders, thrift institutions, and other traditional lending sources. Its title pawn and loan products let customers meet their liquidity requirements by borrowing against their vehicles’ value while retaining use of their automobile during the loan’s term.

The company was founded in the year 1998 in Columbus, Georgia, and its first store opened in this location. Since then, it has expanded to more than 1,000 stores in 16 American states. Its first out-of-Georgia store was opened in Alabama’s Phenix City. For the unversed, the term “title loan” refers to a form of secured loan where a borrower can use his or her automobile title as collateral. A title pawn is similar to title loan in the sense that it uses the title of a vehicle as collateral to secure a customer’s loan.

The parent company of TitleMax is TMX Finance LLC. This limited liability company has a network of more than 1,000 stores located throughout the United States of America. Its stores also include those of EquityAuto Loan and TitleBucks, which are TitleMax’s sister companies.

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