Swift Financial

Swift Financial is the company that gave birth to LoanBuilder. It is a widely known source of finance for those looking to get a short-term loan. It also caters to the needs of those that require immediate fund. PayPal acquired Loanbuilder in the latter half of 2017. However, the latter is unrelated to the main service offering of this company. In other words, you do not have to own a PayPal account to make use of Loanbuilder services. It is generally found to be more beneficial to those seeking short-term financial services, rather than long-term ones. The company maintains its charges at the same rate as other short-term lenders, but it is more transparent in its operations.

One commonly appreciated feature of LoanBuilder is its transparency, under which the majority of the fees are disclosed to the user. Besides, the lender offers a way to calculate the borrowing fees before committing themselves. Note that their limited loan terms and upfront interest charges are relatively higher than several other long-term loan options. One might also find the early principal repayments frustrating, as it would be nearly impossible to reduce the interest charges on these. The best thing for borrowers is to calculate their borrowing costs through LoanBuilder. This would give them a fair idea regarding expenses.

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