South Star Capital

Based in Mount Pleasant in South Carolina, South Star Capital is a financial service provider. The services delivered are equipment leasing, asset-based lending, invoice factoring, dip financing, government contract financing, and payroll funding. Construction, electronics, chemicals, importing, service, IT, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, printing, and media are the industries that they mainly serve.

Creditworthiness and assets of the clients’ company determine the credit decision of the acquired loans. Past financial performance or number of years in business is not a criterion for the approval. The company relies on balance sheet issues, DIP (Debtor in possession) financing, and tax liens. Hidden fees are not imposed by the company. For funding purposes like those of working capital, equity is not needed. In order to negotiate a payment plan for any lien, a team working with the IRS is engaged by the company. Further progress and status of the referral would be notified by their tracking system, included under the Broker Partner Program. While indulging in the process of invoice factoring, the company makes deals along with decision makers. In the measurements of Trustpilot calculated in April 2019, the company in the category of non-bank finance is ranked 169 out of 350 institutions.

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