Silver Rock Funding

Silver Rock Funding was founded in 2014 in Alexandria, Virginia. It is a financial services company which caters to the small business community and has funding managers who walk customers through its application process and help them receive the cash that they require. The company has a network of lenders it is connected to.

Millions of businesses are denied working capital because of lending restrictions which are deployed by standard banks. Lenders look beyond federally-mandated restrictions and credit scores and serve as alternatives to banks. Of course, there are pre-requisites to qualifying for funding from a non-bank lender, such as being in business for a few months and making a minimum amount monthly in revenue. This varies from one company to the next.

Silver Rock Funding does not demand a minimum credit score, so most industries qualify. Financing is now available in all states in the US. A customer does not have to put up collateral, and Silver Rock Funding asks for minimal documentation. Bad credit is also acceptable.

Since its founding, Silver Rock Funding has financed more than 10 million dollars in working capital for entrepreneurs and businesses. Its customer base comprises a range of sectors, from barber shops and beer gardens to standard restaurants.

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