Sebonic Financial

Sebonic Financial is a direct mortgage lender. The online mortgage company is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company was founded in 2013 and provides home financing solutions to customers in the US. It operates in the home financing space.

Sebonic Financial offers a wide range of mortgage products to customers who are looking for new house purchases, as well as refinances. Its loan product line includes conventional, jumbo, FHA, USDA, and VA loans. One can qualify for a conventional loan if they have a minimum credit score of 620, and put down 5% at the least. From Sebonic Financial’s jumbo loan service, an eligible party can borrow a maximum of 3 million dollars.

If an applicant’s credit is not good enough for the company’s conventional mortgage, an FHA loan is the next option they can avail. If they are searching for a house in a rural place, then a customer might qualify for the USDA loan, which does not require a minimum down payment and is available to a person having low to moderate income. If they are a veteran or an active service member, then a customer might qualify for Sebonic Financial’s VA loan.

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