SBA Microloans

SBA microloans are smaller loans provided by SBA and nonprofit lenders in the United States. The upper limit for borrowable money is $50,000, and funds can be used for equipment or machinery purchases and working capital. These are smaller loans used for general uses by the businesses who cannot qualify for larger ones, and usually, have a cap of between 8% and 13%.

The money has its origin in the SBA and passes through the intermediary who eventually lends it to the user. SBA Microloans are the most easily accessible loans. They provide a great choice for new entrepreneurs with a steady plan. Many of these loans are handed out to veterans, minorities, women, and low-income groups.

SBA loan requirements on this type of loan are comparatively less. The SBA sets certain parameters like eligible loan uses and interest rates. Apart from this, it generally takes a more relaxed stance on SBA loans. The respective agency plays a more important role in these loans.


Microloans are meant for specific uses and cannot be used for most general financing requirements. Besides, it is impossible to use this loan to refinance debts or for anything other than working capital. This is because SBA prevents the use of the loan for these needs.

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