Pravati Capital

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Pravati Capital is a Litigation Finance Company founded in 2013. The financing options provided by this LLC include attorney funding, plaintiff funding, and law firm funding. Mass tort law firms and personal injury firms are served by this company, which invests in disputes such as international arbitration, anti-trust cases, intellectual property, class actions, and insolvency. Pravati Capital’s major funding mode is that of collateralized legal investment. Its financial services can be used by those investors who are “accredited” in the way defined in the Securities Regulation D Act.

Annual audited financial statements and quarterly reports are delivered to investors in accordance with the Pravati Investment Fund IV. Multiple cases are referred within the fund to deliver results to investors of the company. Distinct underwriters are hired for evaluation of individual cases, recognizing trends in litigation, mass tort awards, and settlements.

The accreditation of this company is an A+ grade. On assessment by Trustpilot in April 2019, Pravati Capital was ranked 119 out of the 164 it had listed online in the legal services category, whereas in the non- bank finance category, it ranked 288 out of the total 345. Its TrustScore is 7.4 out of 10.

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