Penguin Pay

Penguin Pay is a prescription financing company whose loan program is aimed at people that have a requirement for costly medication. The company loan comes at zero interest and fee, and mainly tackles out-of-pocket expenses. Getting a loan is possible using a mobile phone, and also be while waiting in the line at the pharmacy.

“1/0 Capital” invests in companies that are in the central range of consumer credit, as well as technology. It is a venture investor cum business foundry and has a portfolio of customers comprising companies that are a part of the consumer credit industry, in the United States of America. Those companies address concerns in consumer credit – streamlining mortgage application procedure, enabling lending in new education markets, and providing analytics on whole loans and asset-backed securities.

Penguin Pay is also a “1/0 Capital” company. The venture investor has made investments in other companies, some of them being TheNumber, Climb Credit, Future Finance, Phoenix ABS, Tridster, and Penguin Pay. This prescription financing company targets millions of Americans who skip their doses, take less medication than they need, or delay refilling prescriptions because of cost. It combines know-how in finance, technology, and healthcare to offer people an alternative to a payday loan or credit card.

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