Nova Legal Funding

Nova Legal Funding is a lawsuit funding company headquartered in Los Angeles, California, which offers pre-settlement funding for plaintiff parties involved in commercial litigation as well as personal injury lawsuits. This company originates and finances all kinds of claims, with an emphasis on mass tort and personal injury litigation.

The founder and chief executive officer of Nova Legal Funding is Ronald Sinai. Before entering the legal funding field, Sinai studied at Berkeley’s University of California, from where he got a degree in Political Science.

Pre-settlement funding offers a lifeline for persons involved in litigation. It is an advance on a lawsuit settlement’s proceeds for those that cannot wait long for their case to finalize. People often use it to pay for their living necessities, medical expenses, as well as other kinds of immediate financial obligation. A funder is usually paid pack on the condition that the borrowing plaintiff either settles their case out of court or wins it in court. For the funding company, this is a “non-recourse” investment. The volume of cash advances tend to increase during the US holiday season relative to other times of the year, and the former is also Nova Legal Funding’s busiest time.

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