Minute Loan Center

Founded in 1992, Minute Loan Center is a financial service provider that places emphasis on short-term loans among the services which they provide. They are specialized in consumer loans and title loans, and also aid in attaining funding towards common goals such as buying gold silver, and used electronics, exchanging gift cards, and paying off bills and money orders. Besides, there are funding options that come with a definite fees structure. If the client is not interested in continuing financial dealings, there is also the option of getting the principle refunded within 24 hours.

Loans from this company are designed in keeping with state and federal laws, and issuance is often done directly. Minute Loan Center’s business partners are in the local and federal governments. Online security is used extensively, and they deal with loans which are handled for a short-term purpose, as opposed to fixed payment loan products. The total cost of each plan is presented in terms of the annual percentage rate. The company puts forward a credit agreement and disclosures while extending any credit. Loans from the company are not automatically renewed, and it does not do traditional credit checks either; instead, it checks national databases in order to verify applicant information.

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