Merchant ReFi

Merchant ReFi is a financial services company which was founded in 2017, and is owned privately and headquartered in Brooklyn in the state of New York. It has an employee strength of 11-50 and offers services in the domains of lending, funding, business, financing, finance, lending, merchant, money, capital, and lender. It basically provides businesses with needed financing and claims to do this in a fast and secure way. Customers get guidance in choosing the best option for their needs. Merchant ReFi is different from regular financing companies in that it does not require any collateral, nor does it charge huge interest amounts.

In order to acquire services from Merchant ReFi, customers have to fill up the proper form and then file the application. This is then reviewed by one of the experts at the company, who check for confirm eligibility and then determine the best rates according to the requirement. All applicants must have been in the business for a minimum of 1 year. Aside from that, the customer must have a monthly sales figure of more than $20,000, and their credit score should be at least 500. Furthermore, customers in the domain of gas, oil, or marijuana would not be able to avail services from the company.

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