Merchant Capital Source

Merchant capital source was established in 2005 with the objective of fulfilling the requirements of the small and mid-sized businesses, which were not being met by the banking community. It was launched to overcome the numerous hurdles faced by the average SME owner that wanted to get financial assistance.

The company is based in New York and is a small business funder. It is built on the idea of providing merchant cash advances, instead of the traditional ways of lending practiced by the banks. The assistance provided resembles bank loans, but are fundamentally different. Although the company does not offer the best available rates, there are also not many shortcomings or hidden terms and conditions which you need to watch out for.

The company offers financial solutions that suit your needs, such as a Merchant Cash Advance or a Small Business Loan, for examples. They offer amounts within the range of $5K – $500K for up to 3 – 15 months. The repayment amount would fall between x1.3 – x1.5 of the total amount borrowed, depending on specific cases. They ask for no collateral, and the procedures are hassle-free and transparent. They claim to be able to deliver funds within a day.

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