LSQ is one of the top invoice finance platforms in the United States. It assists entrepreneurs with financing between $5,000 and $50 million in the form of affordable working capital, after a relatively convenient process. The feature of this platform is that requesting businesses have the option of uploading unpaid invoices into their database. Once they have done that, they have to wait no longer than 30, 60, or 90 days for their customers to complete payments. The benefit aimed for is that business owners can free up parts of their revenue which had gotten trapped in open invoices. By doing this, clients of LSQ can allow their partners to keep moving ahead with their own businesses, without facing any interruptions, and without the need for a loan.

LSQ was founded in 1996 and has provided more than $10 billion in the form of funding to several businesses across the country. To date, this company has raised more than $110 million in the form of venture capital and is looking to expand its operations in Orlando (HQ), New York and San Francisco. Operations include offering and providing services such as re-structuring loans, commercial loans, accounts receivable financing, alternative financing, asset-based lending, invoice financing, and factoring.

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