Job or Security Clearance Troubles Due to Bad Credit

Job or Security Clearance Troubles Due to Bad Credit

Your credit has a direct influence on your public life and personal life, and many of the cases do not even involve borrowing.

Job or Security Clearance and Bad Credit

In a normal sense, it is hard to imagine any correlation between job performance and employee credit. However, this does not stop employers from analyzing the credit of possible employees during the process of hiring.

Outside of a few states like Illinois and Connecticut where the practice is completely banned or restricted, employees should anticipate their credits to be checked by their employers. In one of the recent surveys by Demos, which is a customer finance organization, employees’ opinions were recorded for statistical analysis. Employees said that one out of four of them were checked for their credit. One out of every seven of them said that they were refused a job opportunity because their credit scores were insufficient. Sometimes jurisdictions necessitate the disclosure of such information. Applicant credit is, therefore, very likely to be taken into account before hiring by government agencies and financial institutions, as well as into jobs that need a security clearance.

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