Hometap Equity Partners, LLC, is a financial services company that provides financial assistance to homeowners in need. It offers support mainly in the form of home financing, which allows homeowners to take full advantage of their equity situation. The services provided are included under categories like financial services, finance, and financial exchanges.

Hometap is headquartered in Cambridge in Massachusetts. There are also major operations units in the Greater Boston Area, along the East coast in New England. The company was founded back in 2007, with founding members including Maxwell P. Campion, Charlie Vrettos, Andrew Vassallo, and Jeffrey Glass. The funding status of this company is currently ‘Early Stage Venture’, and it is a privately owned venture.

This company makes loans of up to 20% of the funds required for financing a borrower’s home. The facility also includes the option for homeowners to get funds almost immediately. Additionally, it lets them forego a second mortgage or home equity loan. Thus, equity earned by borrowers’ homes gets channeled into proper use. Hometap offers no direct lending product. and hence does not require you to meet a specific credit score, nor are there interests or monthly payments involved. Overall, the company seeks to grant assistance to house owners in achieving stability.

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