Express Cash Flow

Express Cash Flow has a program which gives commission advance to real estate agents and brokers. The advance provides access to their commission before the close of escrow. Their general stated aim is to help people grow their business. People in the real estate segment can spend assistive funds on marketing, advertising, as well as for creating new business. These are not the only purposes for which they can use their commission advance amount.

A borrower operating in real estate would typically need to wait 30 to 60 days for escrow to close so that they can get their rightful commission. Before collecting the actual commission, advance from Express Cash Flow provides them with a way to keep growing their business. This also assists brokers in other ways, considering they need to pay rent, recruit new agents, make payroll, pay utility bills, and market properties; all while anticipating escrow closing.

A client gets the equivalent of 75% of their commission from Express Cash Flow, which does not enforce credit checks. In real estate, many hands are involved in almost any given transaction. An agent or broker would only get paid on their sale after their escrow company, mortgage company, and everyone else involved comes through on their part of the deal. Express Cash Flow basically provides assistance that helps tide the broker over in the meantime.

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