Exchange.Blue is a digital currency exchange (DCE) platform which is operated by a company named Capital Markets Consulting. This online marketplace was started by young entrepreneurs with knowledge in the cryptocurrency business, who launched Exchange.Blue after they identified a gap in cross-currency transactions, specifically the inadequate number of payment wallets which accept fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

Exchange.Blue makes it possible to sell and exchange BTC for Perfect Money, by bridging the two, the latter of which is a financial service that allows people to make payments and money transfers over the internet. It has opened opportunities for internet users and business owners to do financial transactions.

Business owners and people can purchase Bitcoins with Perfect Money or exchange Perfect Money for BTC. Exchange.Blue gives a marketplace where its users can convert Perfect Money currency to BTC. The online marketplace is verified by Perfect Money. Users of this currency exchange platform do not have to divulge their personal information such as name, telephone number, or address, which allow for a certain level of anonymity to be maintained during transactions.

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