DeletionExpert is an established company that provides credit repair and credit sweep service. They offer removal of all negative remarks in your credit report in a short period of time and accomplish this through a credit sweep process carried out by expert technicians that make sure your credit scores increases. DeletionExpert eliminates the existing negatives and makes your records “clean”. For this purpose, they utilize a labor-intensive and hand-written dispute procedure that supposedly performs better than OCR scanners. Furthermore, they do a three-way dispute with the creditors, the FTC, and the credit bureaus.

Apart from removing bad remarks from the credit report, DeletionExpert also has provisions to solve problems caused by Identity theft. They guide their clients to improve their credit scores. Once this process is complete, they assist their clients in further improving this score by suggesting additional credit enhancement schemes.

The company was established in 2013 and has been assisting customers in improving their credit scores since then. It specializes in credit repair and offers relief to those who have been victims of identity theft. If customers want to reclaim their creditworthiness using advanced solutions, DeletionExpert is among the many choices available to them.

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