Debt Action Group

Debt Action Group is a financial services company established in 1999. Its specialties are debt relief services, which help individuals decrease their debt. It has programs aimed at debt relief. Customers often have to deal with nonstop harassment and get invoices in their e-mail. They can eliminate countless telephone calls from a harassing creditor, consolidate their debts into one payment, or fix their debt with a program aimed at this purpose. There are many options available out there, and Debt Action Group’s programs claim to be among the best of them.

This company provides customers with all the debt relief choices available in its state and has multiple programs for customers to choose from, which is unlike other such companies which offer just debt settlement. From its start through 2005, the company has helped people eliminate more than $100 million in debts and continues to educate people on ways to reduce debt in a way that helps their financial situation.

Through its program, one might just be able to settle their debt for an amount that is less than the whole balance owed, or consolidate this debt. Such programs in the US differ and are often customized to each person’s circumstances. For instance, some programs Debt Action Group offers comprise credit repair.

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