Cash America Today

Cash America Today is an online financial lender who operates directly with their respective customers. The company is based in Salt Lake City and is registered with the Department of Financial Institutions of Utah. Loans provided by the company are allowed in installments. Credit and collateral are not a criterion for the approval of unsecured small personal loans. Loans offered by them are to be applied online, for which there would not be dependence on fax. Collaterals are also not required for secured personal loans like title loans, mortgage, and home equity line of credit.

The repayment schedule of the loans can be customized on the basis of the convenience and affordability of the client, by the online funding options of the company. For the purpose of credit checks, the company depends on a third-party source rather than the major credit bureaus of Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian. The authenticity of the submitted documents along with the repayment ability of the clients and state laws, decide the approval time of loans. In the assessment of Trustpilot in April 2019, the company is ranked 198 out of the total of 351 Non-bank Finance organizations. Moreover, its TrustScore is 8.4 out of 10.

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