Capify is a New York Based alternative lender and merchant cash advance (MCA) service, provider. It offers financial assistance to businesses that may have healthy cash flow, but a poor credit. The company has a standard application procedure, and its assistance is offered to those outside the United States, such as those from the UK and Australia. Capify claims to take between 2 and 7 days for completing the funding process. The main services provided are short term loans (STL) and merchant cash advances (MCA).
Capify requires you to have a business presence of at least 12 months for eligibility. For merchant cash advances, it asks to see proof of at least $5K/month in terms of credit cards sales. The applicant must also have completed at least 60 days in that area. Further, they require you to have at least $10K per month in gross sales if you are requesting for an STL. Amounts ranging from $5K to $1M are available on loan. For MCA, Capify does not place a maturity date, although they have a term of 6 to 15 months when it comes to STL. Note that they charge an origination fee of $295. Their charge factor rates lie between 1.1 and 1.4.