Buchroeder’s Jewelers

Buchroeders Jewelers is a bridal jewelry boutique situated in Columbia, Missouri, which was started in 1896 as a small jewelry shop, and has since grown to become the oldest existing jeweler in the US area. Since 1896, it has been providing engagement rings and diamonds in the Midwestern United States.

A man named Mills Menser owns Buchroeders Jewelers. Menser’s father owned the boutique before him and bought it from his dad in 2007. Since then, Menser aimed to carry on the legacy of the boutique. Menser had grown up with an admiration for diamond, a product which he compares to art.

The owner of Buchroeders says he purchases precious gemstones from the world over. Menser is able to purchase diamonds at a value which lets him sell them at relatively reduced prices over the competition. The jeweler uses technology to meet much of the demand from customers.

For instance, if a customer wants a wedding or engagement ring personalized, the jeweler’s designers can make it with a three-dimensional CAD model. In addition, the repair studio of this jeweler uses a laser welder in order to fix ring claws, seal cracks in materials, and resize rings.

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