BridgeWell Capital

BridgeWell Capital is a financial provider that works directly with business owners who are in need of real estate investments. The company makes mostly direct dealings in this area, and middlemen are not relied on for any purpose. BridgeWell Capital is based in Orlando, Florida, and has been around almost 30 years in the management process. Financial services from the company comprise rental property financing, cash-out refinances, and residential investor flips. Loans are often customized, aside from the structured loan meant schemes for real estate business owners. Trustpilot ranks this company 207 among 343 non-bank finance institutions which it has listed on its website. It rates a TrustScore of 8.3 in 10 and an A+ rating with BBB.

BridgeWell Capital works with realtors, property management companies, real estate entrepreneurs, wholesalers, and brokers. The loan programs it has in place can be utilized for rental properties and investor rehabs. For investors, this company offers structured commercial property loans, as well as refinance cash-outs. Services set aside for investors comprise of Proof of Funds (POF) letters, refinance-building, and project consulting. Your application for a loan can be placed via phone, fax or online methods. The private money leverage provided by this company can be used for wealth-building.

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