Big Think Capital

Big Think Capital is a loan Agency based in Melville, New York City. The industries which the company serves operators in are equipment or machinery, and real estate. SBA loans, business line credit, short term loans, equipment financing, merchant cash advances, startup loans, small business loans, and invoice financing are among the services provided by Big Think Capital. In the category of Non-bank Finance, the company is ranked 10 out of the total 339 companies listed on the Trustpilot website, and it has a TrustScore of 9.8 out of 10.

The invoicing financing offered by the company permits clients to access cash against unpaid invoices. The lender collects a share of each sale after forming a partnership with their credit card companies. Good credit is not a criterion that impinges on approval of their loans. Big Think Capital’s loan programs associated with disaster recovery can be availed by small business owners looking to repair damages incurred on their premises due to any natural disaster. The company follows real-time reporting. When it comes to term loans, the borrower need not divulge the business purpose of a loan they take from this lender unless their credit score falls below 620.

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