Bibby Financial Services is parented by the Bibby Line Group (BLG), which was founded in 1807 by John Bibby at Duke Street, in Liverpool. It offers services such as a financial backup to business companies that have been running since 1982. Financial services provided by Bibby are mostly small and medium-sized and are aimed at different industries. The lending nature covers invoice factoring, asset-based lending (ABL), transportation finance, bad debt protection, lease finance, manufacturing, and wholesale markets. They have membership in the International Factoring Association, Turnaround Management Association, and Commercial Finance Association, and have participated in the Giving Something Back program.

BLG gives credit lines which fall between $1M and $10M. They are a partner of Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland, which is government-backed. They deliver rates on the market that complement their transactions. Value-added business partnerships are something they handle, and so is cash flow funding. Finance brokers and accountants are the main financial intermediaries that they rely upon. BLG have an automated clearing house direct deposit of the Freight bills. In the category of Non-bank finance, Bibby Financial Services is ranked 180 among 331 others. Moreover, in terms of TrustScore, they rate 8.6 in 10.

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