American Profit Consulting

This financial service based in San Diego, CA, was founded in 2017 by H. Hernandez. He was a former business banker and famous lender, who had served in the sector for 14 years. APS negotiates on behalf of its clients to attain savings using insider information. Hence, brokers and business professionals rely on this company for a substantial portion of their financial needs. The company often lowers the overhead of the business owners and provides the capital which professionals require.

American Profit Consulting helps in approving loan requests including those already declined by traditional banks. On Trustpilot, it is ranked 77 out of the total 166 in the category of insurance. Under non-bank finance, it is ranked 158 out of 331. American Profit Consulting claims they only use the same knowledge and information which the banks use, and seldom ignore or underwrite. The employer of any client seeking workers’ compensation, commercial auto, and general liability is studied and dealt with. Issues in these areas are resolved y either mitigating or eliminating the following risks involved. In terms of annual insurance costs, an estimated 24% of clients are helped by American Profit Consulting.

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