Alliance Funding Group

Alliance Funding Group, Inc. is a financial services company headquartered in Orange. Note that Orange is a city located in the US state of California, but the company has a customer base in Canada as well. Alliance Funding Group was founded in the year 1998. The company has offices in the city of Los Angeles as well. Since its inception, this California-based company has financed more than 1.5 billion dollars in the way of loans and equipment leases to customers in both countries.

The lending portfolio of the company comprises operating leases, capital leases, tax leases, sales leaseback, equipment finance agreements, leverage leases, working capital, true leases, first amendment leases, as well as synthetic lease structures. It offers loans and leases under deferred payment, step-up or step-down payment, and skipped or seasonal payment, in addition to multiple-vendor financing solutions.

The company caters to a range of customers from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large companies, forming a part of the information technology, logistics, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and agricultural segments. Alliance Funding Group has from 51 to 200 employees on an approximate. It has a presence on multiple social networking platforms, much like many other financial services companies do.

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