A Basic Overview of the Top 3 Credit Bureaus

A Basic Overview of the Top 3 Credit Bureaus

Although there are numerous credit bureaus in the US, three of them top the list of those that dominate the market in collecting, disbursing, and analyzing information on consumers in the credit markets. Mentioned below are the bureaus of major national significance. Credit based financing is a great option for those who quality and want to build their credit further.


This credit bureau touts itself as the global leader in credit information and information management services. Based in Chicago, it has affiliations and operations in about 33 countries. Roughly, about 3700 people work for this credit bureau.


Headquartered domestically in Costa Mesa in California, this bureau managed reports for the western part of United States. Currently, it is claiming to be the leading global information services company in the country. Around 16,000 employees work for this bureau, which has corporate headquarters in Ireland and Dublin. Places like São Paulo in Brazil and Nottingham in the UK are home to other operational headquarters.


Based in Atlanta, Equifax Credit Bureau is prominent in the eastern and southern parts of the US. Apart from having operations in the US, this bureau has its operation in 18 other countries spread throughout the world and avers to be the market leader in many countries. Approximately 7000 people are employed by this bureau.

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