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April 26, 2019 / By dsadmin

What Is Equipment Financing and How Does It Work? Pt 2

Qualifying for any Equipment Loan

Note that lenders would have different requirements from equipment loan seekers. The following are just general qualifications which a lender will look for when they make a credit decision. Still, underwriting standards differ and should be vetted prior to selecting a lender in order to make sure that as a client, you can meet the minimum requirements they have from you.

Personal credit is an important factor in getting a loan of this kind. If you are not sure of your present credit score, then you can find that out from an online service specifically meant for this. The higher the credit score you carry, the better your chances will be of getting approval quickly and easily, and also, the better the terms you can expect.

Besides the score itself, some lenders will insist on your business plan which describes what you are about, as well as a comprehensive proposal for pursuing growth. The elementary aim here is to provide a prospective lender with your business’s detailed summary. The years you have been in business, as well as your annual revenue, are significant factors to include in this plan. Some lenders would also place threshold requirements, such as you having been in business at least 24 months, and annual revenue of more than 250,000 dollars.

Beyond the revenue statement in your business plan, as well as your profit and loss (P&L) statement, lenders’ applications might just necessitate a cash flow statement or balance sheet. These statements should identify the expenses going out of your business, and the revenue which comes into it. These help the lender assess your financial strength. Because lenders are also interested in approaching small business owners’ personal finances, statements related to that need to be prepared as well. Preparation of pertinent loan application documentation is also essential to helping speed things up. It is advisable to hire a qualified accountant in advance of the process of loan application, in order to make sure all your finances are in proper order.

Equipment Financing Providers

There are many options in the market for getting equipment financing. You can obtain equipment loans from sources that range from traditional to online lenders. It is said that traditional lenders usually have more stringent underwriting requirements, but relatively better terms and rates. They might be suitable for an established business with strong working capital and assets. A specialized online lender tends to have more flexible underwriting requirements in place. However, the terms and rates might be less favorable in some cases. An online lender is relatively more suitable to a startup or a business that does not meet the minimum asset and credit requirements of a nationwide lender. The option that you go for will depend on your business’s qualifications and the type of loan which best suits your requirements.

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