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September 22, 2019 / By Jared Cohen

How to Protect your Business Against Lawsuits

Every business owner has the responsibility to take all measures possible in order to limit risk and ensure that the business operations always run smoothly. Lawsuits can break business continuity and affect the company’s reputation in a very negative manner. Therefore, you need to be smart and take adequate preventive measures to avoid any likely lawsuit from harming your business. Below are 5 easy ways to protect your business against lawsuits after you’ve been approved for a small business loan.

Protecting your Business against Lawsuits

  • You need to be very cautious when making any public statements or doing any business that could be considered questionable. As you carry the business image wherever you go, your focus should be to avoid all kinds of slanderous comments, possible conflicts with competitors, as well as poor business practices. In fact, you should make sure that your employees also follow the same rules.
  • You should talk to a reliable attorney as soon as you launch your startup and have them on your speed dial as a legal backup in case someone sues your company. It is recommended to secure an attorney who is experienced in dealing with business lawsuits in your area and knows the local laws well to help your case. Besides, the attorney should also have a good track record of winning cases in court.
  • Always keep your personal finances separate from your business’ assets and finances. This would ensure that no business lawsuit would affect your house or personal assets and that no personal lawsuit would affect your business operations. Instead of registering the company as a sole proprietorship, you can have a trust own the company or find a partner before launching your startup business.
  • Secure liability insurance for your company. This would protect your business from slip and fall lawsuits. At the same time, you can also build protection into the company contracts to insure yourself against any liability. This would be helpful if any uncontrollable act like negligence of a supplier affects your business operations, which breaches a contract. You can include all the probable clauses and legal phrases in the work contract to stay safe from any potential lawsuit.
  • You should keep all the data stored on your computers secured at all times. It is mandatory for every business to implement robust strategies to secure the data on their systems, as any data loss can prevent them from completing contractual work. While installing updated antivirus and anti-malware software can help to lower the risk of data loss because of a virus, you should also invest in having other security measures installed to avoid any data theft.

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